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Anonymous asked
So how any Tattoos and piercings and stuff do you have?

I think I have answered this before?

Well ill list them off again:
Piercing wise well go top to bottom:
2x eyebrow
3x dermal anchors under my eye
Snake bites
3x dermals in my neck under my chin
Both nipples
A magnetic implant in my finger
And my personal favourite my Prince Albert.

(i don’t usually wear everything in at once, I swap them in and out)

And I just kinda have tattoos it’s too hard to list them off, when I get home I’ll try take a photo of them all or something.

A burly trade worker guy came into work for a tattoo, he looked really familiar.

Then I remembered that I had seen him naked on Tumblr the night before submitting his photos to a gay porn blog…


Relationships are like sharks, Liz. If you’re not left with several bite marks after intercourse, then something’s wrong.


My motto

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andielately asked
Any favorite tunes at the moment?

Well I have such a weird music taste but lately I’ve been listening placebo and NIN, rediscovering old favourites.

andielately asked
Hi there. How are you?

Good, it’s a slow night at work so just kicking back.

Bored at work

Ask me stuff!

I’ll answer anything :3